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FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours is a local, family owned company – Our local roots go back to a time before New Orleans was a city and Louisiana was a state.

Being born of this extraordinary city and its surrounding bayous, we have a love for our home that is unparalleled – and we want you to experience our city the way we do every day – from the seat of a smokin’ cool cruiser bike.

Be good to yourself by choosing a tour with no windows, no doors and no blisters on your feet – see the city by bike; you’ll be happy you did!

We were the 1st bike company to offer a bike tour through City Park, the Garden District, the French Quarter & a nighttime bike ride – if it’s not a FreeWheelin’ Bike Tour, it’s not the real deal!

If you want quality, value & authenticity – Look no further! We offer the most original & historically accurate bike tours that New Orleans has to offer.

Concierge Recommended

If you ask your hotel concierge to suggest a bike tour company, more times than not you’ll hear the reply, “Why FreeWheelin’ Bike Tours of course.” If you don’t believe us, ask your concierge and see what they say.

Hotel professionals recommend FreeWheelin’ because they know YOU are in great hands when you ride with us; we treat you as they would, professionally and with revere – after all, without you, there is no us.

Additionally, we serve as unofficial concierges of the bicycle world of New Orleans.
After your tour, we can recommend to you all of the hot spots to hit in town.
Music: Jazz, Rock, Zydeco, Brass or Bounce? Yeah, we know where to go.
Food: Chandeliers & Linen Table Cloths, Seedy Dive Bar, Family Friendly
Dining, we gotcha on that too.

You want authentic New Orleans and we know where you can get it.

We’ve worked harder than anyone in our industry to earn our sterling reputation with the hotel professionals of New Orleans – if they trust in us; we must be doing something right!

Why American made?

Along with our sister company – The American Bicycle Rental Company – we roll handmade bikes that are custom designed specifically for the bumpy & sometimes “tricky” streets of New Orleans – AND we build each bike in our shop with parts sourced from American manufacturers. 80+% of our bikes parts are made in the U.S.A. – the frame is 100% American built.

Other companies may advertise “American Made Bicycles”, but this simply isn’t true. Every single bike in our fleet is American made, not just a few. Yes, we could have gone with cheap imports for a fraction of what we paid for our fleet, but we take your comfort and the quality of our bicycles seriously.

At FreeWheelin’, we aim to make your ride with us THE most enjoyable and memorable experience you’ll have while in New Orleans.

Make the best decision of your vacation and take a ride with us – we’ve got a lot to show you!

Slow down, relax and enjoy the ride –

Ryan, Melissa and Ava Bergeron – Owner/Operators
Teddy, Laura, Andrew, Brett & Oli – The All-Star Crew of Bike Tour Professionals

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