As the dust settles…(Oct. 8th 2013)

As the dust settles…

As the dust settles at the end of a not so slow summer, the shop here has undergone extensive renovations. A week before Jazz Fest 2013 our front administrative office had a downpour occur inside when the buildings roof failed during a rainstorm.  Since then we’ve moved furniture, pulled up carpet, moved furniture, painted the floors, moved some more furniture (my cousin Ryan the owner is smirking at me while reading at this point I’m certain), painted the walls and installed a wall-length bike rack.

French Quarter Bike Shop
Now offering affordable Parts, Accessories, Service

And it isn’t just the office that’s been renovated.  Since starting the work inside, we have also added an Uptown and Garden District tour, which now allows our riders to experience not only the French Creole portion of town, but the American and post-civil war settlements as well.  We are also offering a limited time Halloween Ghost Tour as well running through November 7th on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

We are also extremely proud to announce after much anticipation French Quarter Bike Shop is now fully operational.  We have parts, accessories, and a professional bike mechanic on site for any service your bike may require.  Thus far the only full service bike shop located inside of the French Quarter.

We would also like to take a second to thank our amazing owners Ryan and Melissa.  Without your painstaking work upfront and behind the scenes, most others would have folded their hand, but not only are we still here we are constantly trying to improve and innovate.  Ryan’s months of hard work and dedication have come to fruition with our new custom printed bike map.  Tailored to the requests of our renters over the years coupled with our extensive knowledge of the city in and out have let to this beautiful piece of navigational artwork and available to any customer who rents a bike from American Bicycle Rental.  Visit and for the most up to date information available and cause they are just really cool websites.  Hope to take you out on tour next time your in town!


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