Born and Raised (Sep 7th 2014)


Born and Raised

Born and Raised means something very different down here in New Orleans.  It’s always my response when people ask me if I’m from here.  It’s why on tour people think I’m some sort of celebrity (trust me I’m no where close) because we actually interact with each other in public.  We talk to complete strangers as if they are family, hold conversations with random people about nothing, and it’s completely normal for us.  So no I don’t know all of the people we talk to on tour on a personal level, but that’s New Orleans we treat everyone as if they have been invited into our homes, because New Orleans is OUR home.  We didn’t move away and come back to just earn a buck.  We wanted to showcase the place we love, the place we live, the place that made us who we are.  It’s the reason why if somebody speaks to us, we respond, we don’t look at you like “Why are you talking to me?”  It’s why as a young child I got slapped upside my head for ignoring someone telling me good morning. It’s rude.  So by all means you’re welcome to take a tour of New Orleans with people who have moved here from New Jersey or Los Angeles on the back of a disposable China made bike, but why not ride with somebody Born and Raised right here in New Orleans on the back of a custom ordered American Bicycle.  We’re very proud of it and can’t wait to share the passion we have for our home with you.

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Born and Raised and Proud of it!
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