Check out this local news spot we are featured in! (June 11th 2015)

Check out this local news spot we are featured in!

Walking around the shop on a Wednesday morning ensuring all the opening procedures get done I notice the ABC26 News Truck parking across the street.  Jokingly I tell Johnny Bravo that they are gonna come in and film, and sure enough LBJ from News with a Twist comes strolling in and introduces himself.  He asks if it is OK to shoot some B roll footage and of we oblige his request.  The chatty individual I am of course lets him know about the business, our background, and what we do.  B roll footage turns into the camera man outfitting my Cruiser with a Go-Pro cam to shoot some extra footage.  Check out the biking spot on New Orleans featuring American Bicycle Rental shop footage and yours truly.  Enjoy

Biking in New Orleans

Had I known they were coming you wouldn’t see my flip flops throughout the video.  So apologies for my farmer’s tanned feet.

Teddy Schiro
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