It’s Summer in New Orleans…and we love it!!!! (June 20th 2014)

It’s Summer in New Orleans…..and we love it!!!!

Sno-Balls and Swimming pools that’s what summer in New Orleans means.  It also means sweltering heat and the number of visitors in the city slows down.  And that’s exactly why it’s your perfect opportunity to come and have free reign over our great city.  Summer is the best time to have New Orleans all to yourself with no usual throngs of tourists flooding the streets and filling the bars.

The same reason I refuse to go anywhere north of I-10 during the winter months is why most people won’t come visit us during the summer, we love what we are used to.  But there are plenty of great ways to beat the heat in New Orleans during the summer months.  For traveling, nothing beats a bike in New Orleans even during the summer time.  You’ll be drenched by the time you get in or out the cab anyways and it gets pricey hopping rides all over town.  Walking is just asking for trouble and that leaves biking, although you’ll get a bit sweaty nothing better than creating your own breeze to make the summer bearable and get where you are going pretty quickly.  Check out our rentals at for the only Custom American made bicycles available in New Orleans.  Grab one and go check out all the special summer menus offered by restaurants throughout the city which consist of tasting portions at discounted prices to help promote business during the summer months.  (Not to mention burning the calories as they come in for you healthy folks.)

So weather or not you want to come for a ride with us or on your own, do it with the folks who started the bike rental trend in our great city, and the only ones who actively promote domestic production of our product, the only fleet of its kind right here in the Big Easy.  So hop on our leather couch with wheels upon a US Steel frame and get cruisin’ through those summer menus while they last!


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