This isn’t just our job and we don’t just rent bikes (December 27th 2012)

This isn’t just our job and we don’t just rent bikes

That isn’t a statement I think i would have ever made in past experiences but it could not ring more true.  It’s funny I feel more weird if a day goes by and I don’t see the inside of our bike rental shop.  And its funny because the people who  walk through our doors have helped make every one of those days a great one.  We’ve met so many wonderful people from all over the world which is not something in my previous years of employment I would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  I previously worked in retail and there aren’t very many pleasant experiences associated with that line of work so I love it now.  So we noticed a trend of people who started leaving us notes of thanks by sliding whatever they could find to write in our after-hours returns.  Eventually we had enough of them to take up a section of the wall inside the office and we started to run out of room.  So we decided to help out.  We put comment cards out so if somebody takes advantage of the after-hours returns facility, If they want to they can add to what has grown into one of my favorite parts of the office which looks like this.

Slowly but surely, it’s getting to where we have to figure out where to expand it to next.  We love them so much that we have actually added scrolling screen shots of them to the website ( so we can share them with everyone.  Some are just a simple thank you.  (My baby cousin Eva Magnolia’s first comment card I’m such a proud big cousin)

And then we have the one’s which are an instant cure to the morning where you walk in half asleep and in desperate need of caffeine and then you see something like this

My cousin Eva’s second comment and this time by name.

And even just yesterday we received my favorite Christmas card yet.  They loved their tandem ride and visit to Elizabeth’s so much (praline bacon what’s not to love) that they made it their Christmas card.  So thank you Amy Smolens and Francesco Papalia we loved it and it is already added to the collage.  Side note you can check out their website for great bicycle awareness materials.

And last but not least a very special thank you to my favorite Dutch visitor we had I will always and forever have a passion for Stroop Waffles.  Most ridiculous tasty treat I’ve ever had.
Happy New Years and Best Wishes

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